God Is…

 [Written 10 years and 2 less kids ago]

God is the bond of love that binds my wife and I together after ten years of marriage and brings us closer every day and still leaves the best for tomorrow.

God is the purest intentions and the fulfilled potentiality of my mother and father.

God is the absolute trust my seven year old has that I will take care of him when he is afraid, the spontaneous joy of my three year old when she awakens in the morning, and the uncorrupted laughter of my thirteen month old when she finds her foot.

God is the growth that comes through pain and the key that unlocks my chains.

God is the wisdom to know what is right and the freedom and courage to do it.

God is the Sisyphian rock that none can get ride of because God is the paradox which bends all belief systems back in upon themselves.

God is the kindness of strangers and the honesty of friends.

God is the truth that hurts and the truth that heals.

God is the strength to endure persecution and the virtue not to exact revenge.

God is the Wholly Other who fulfills our Ultimate Concern.

God is the eternity that stepped into time.

God is the patience of a Redwood tree as it gazes across the centuries of man’s folly and yet still grows straight and true.

God is the Carpenter who can build straight with the crooked timber of humanity.

God is the faith that there is hope and the hope that there is love.

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