Field of Dreams Model of Youth Ministry

While I generally dislike economic models of ministry, I increasing feel like we’re trapped in what I call a Field of Dreams model. Thinking that if we “build it they will come,” we focus on supplying programs when it seems more and more like there’s an abundant supply and less and less demand.

Knowing it is both our “duty and delight that we should everywhere and at all times offer our thanks and praise”, and understanding that only the Spirit can truly bestow “demand,” how can we cooperate with the Spirit to instill delight in the absence of a sense of duty? God’s first call is to “come.” I don’t recall ever seeing “If you feel like it and have nothing better to do, come, follow me.” If we come, He will build, not the other way around.

Not trying to let myself off the hook. We need to discover and meet people’s needs, but we’re all ministers. God didn’t call any of us to just sit at home. It’s hard to discover and meet needs if people aren’t coming and getting involved.